Welcome to the GPS Golden Gallopers web site.

The Golden Gallopers formed in 2005 and since then have been running old folk all over the paddock. The GG's, as we are affectionatly known, are a sister club to the GPS Rugby Club , GPS Juniors and Albany Creek GPS Juniors.

Games are usually held on a Friday night so that those of us with pacemakers don't have a stroke from the heat. For a list of fixtures and training times (insert laugh here) there is a full calendar of events on the links to the left....most importantly once we get of our bums and organise it, it will show how many sleeps till the end of season tour game.Over 35's is not really a competition per se, but rather regular scheduled games with like minded old folk who still think that they still have what it takes to play a decent game of Rugby. Games are very social and played in good hard spirit, with the home team putting on a BBQ and beer after most games.

Over 35's includes a wide range of ages so slightly modified rules apply for the old codgers. For those of us that are still spritely we still get to play decent hard Running (cough cough) Rugby.
For those interested in a game, or being included on our mailing list  please visit the Contact GG's page.