Welcome to the GPS Golden Gallopers web site 

The Golden Gallopers formed in 2005 and since then have been running old folk all over the paddock. The GG's, as we are affectionatly known, are a sister club to the GPS Rugby Club and Albany Creek GPS Juniors.




Important things first. We don't train, we play (sort of ) every second Friday night on a home and away basis. You play when you can, we send out an email for IN or OUT for each game. 

We set up the playing schedule at the start of the year and t it is available on the Game Schedule and Events page of our site. We also email out the yearly planner at the start of the season. We play from February through to until September although there may be a carnival or two in October. We also have a couple of "bus trips" - this normally involves getting picked up at Newmarket/Ashgrove/Bridgeman Downs, playing the game, having a few beers after the game and then a few beers on the bus on the way home. (the cost of this is covered by our club). Kick off is normally around 8PM so the Dads involved in training at GPS have still got time to make it. 

 It is full contact but modified rules, mainly at the breakdown and there are uncontested scrums. We are a social club and try and have formal and informal functions throughout the year and try and have an end of season trip each year.

For those interested in a game, or being included on our mailing list  please visit the Contact GG's page.