In's & Out's
This page is a list of all registered players and will be updated each week as to who is attending the next game. This gives you all a chance to drum up numbers when we are short as well as get to know your team mates.
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NameNick NameSunshine CoastBus Pick UpRegistered
NameNick NameSunshine CoastBus Pick UpRegistered
Tony Giblin Gibbo No Yes 
Tony Stephens Baz No 
Allan Berriman Alby Yes 
Andrew Burg  
Andrew Lawson  
Brad Condon Springa 
Brendan Brady  
Brian O'Rourke  
Cameron Pope  
Chris Day  
Chris Jones  
Clemm Henry  
Clive Henry  
Craig Carter Carts 
Damien Lyons  
Dave McConnell Shagga 
David Orr  
Dean Mosedale  
Ernst LeRoux  Yes 
Gerard LeGall  
Glenn Wright  
Glen Upchurch  
Glyn Saunders  
Jamie Lamont Monty 
Jon Hall JJ 
Josh Connell  
Julian Dolby Dolb 
Kelly Ng Maverick Yes 
Langton Clarke Fleur 
Mark Turner Tosser Yes 
Mark Wishart Wishy 
Matt Ganter Rug 
Michael Fitzgerald  
Michael Gibson Gibbotwo or Gibbo with hair 
Michael Hall Princess 
Michael McGahan Mick 
Nathan Lett Squires Yes 
Pete Barrett  
Phillip Croucamp   
Phil Purcell Purse 
Richie McKinnon Richie Yes 
Robbie Plater  
Rob Morgan The Gimp 
Sean Lynch  
Sean Poole-Warren Captain Koala 
Shane Kennedy  Yes 
Soliman Rowland Solly 
Steve Taiapa Stevie T 
Ted Stevens Jemimah 
Terry Saunders  
Tim Cope  Yes 
Tony Burren Farmer 
Tony Vial  
Trent Bennett Benno 
Wayne Ewin  
Showing 55 items